Hiking in Andalucia

The most beautiful hiking routes in the surroudings of Malaga and our B&B. 

We ourselves enjoy walking and therefore regularly go out to explore the area.

Below our favorite walking routes in the area of our B&B. The starting points of these routes are all about half an hour's drive from our B&B.

Waterfalls at Tolox

Various walks start from the Balneario in Tollox.

The walks go along and through a stream, and through the mountains. We particularly like the variety of landscapes during these walks.

Charco de la Virgen: 5KM - 2 hours. (Linear route) This short walk ends at a beautiful waterfall where you can also swim. (the water is cold). There is a Maria Statue in a gap. It is said that swimming in the water has a healing effect. Or as a Spaniard told us "it makes you 10 years younger".

This walk is ideal in warmer weather. He is not that difficult with many parts in the shade. And you can cool off in the water.

Ruta de Los Cascades 10 KM - 4 hours. (Circular route) This route is slightly more difficult and takes you past the most beautiful waterfalls of the Sierras Las Nieves.

Special Trees at Yunquera

Just the way there is a beautiful experience. You drive through the mountains on a well-maintained sandy path to the starting point of this route, Mirador Luis Caballo.

The route goes through the beautiful landscape of the Sierra De Las Nieves. This nature reserve is known for the Pinsapar. A special tree that only grows in a few places in Europe.

Along the way you will reach  a great view point from where you can see the snowy peaks of the Sierra Nevada and the sea. A perfect place to enjoy your lunch.

Two routes start from here:

Caucón - Tajo de la Caña: 4.2 KM - 1 hour, 50 minutes (Circular Route)

Caucón - Peñón de los Enamorados 6.9 KM - 3.5 hours (Linear route

A view at Marroco at Juanar

This challenging route of 13 km in total (6.5 km round trip) takes you through the forest first. Once out of the forest you constantly have a beautiful view of the sea. Arriving at La Concha you can see the Sea on one side, and when the weather is clear you can see all the way to Marroko. On the other side you have a inland view on Lake Istán. A shorter route of only 4 km also starts here, which is largely flat, which also leads to a view point that is less high, but the view you have of the sea there is still very beautiful!

El caminito del Rey

The Caminito del Rey (“The King's Path”) has become a famous hiking trail at el Chorro. This spectacular hiking trail has a total length of 7.7 km (of which 4.8 km is before the entrance) in the Desfiladero de los Gaitanes gorge, one hour north of Malaga. 

The path was built around 1901 to facilitate the transportation of goods and personnel for the construction of power plants between the Choro and Gaitanejo waterfalls. In 1905, after 4 years of construction, the route was officially opened. However, it was not given the name king's path until 1921 when King Alfonso XIII of Spain used the path in the inauguration of the Conde del Guadalhorce dam. It was then that the path was named "El Caminito del Rey" (The Little King's Path). After the trail fell into serious disrepair, it has long been entitled "Europe's most dangerous hiking trail". That is why the path was closed in 1992. 

But thankfully thanks to a major renovation plan, the Caminito del Rey has been fully restored and reopened in 2015 and you can enjoy the spectacular views and the gorge here. 

If you want to walk this path, make sure you reserve tickets on time. Because it is very popular, tickets are sometimes sold out up to 2 months in advance or even longer.